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4th appointment with “Homage to Rachmaninov”

24/10/2023 11:10


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4th appointment with “Homage to Rachmaninov”

The “Musical Reviviscences” festival continues incessantly and with great public success with its 4th concert scheduled for Saturday 28 October 2023


The " Reviviscenze musicali " festival continues incessantly and with great public success with its 4th concert scheduled for Saturday 28 October 2023 at 9.00 pm in the suggestive Church of Santa Maria Annunciata in Brunello (Va).

The evening will be dedicated to classical music with the concert " Homage to Rachmaninov "   on the 150th anniversary of his birth which will see Maestro Carlo Levi Minzi on the piano.  

The program includes music by Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) - Sonata in F sharp major n. 24 op. 78   and Sergei Vassilievich Rachmaninov (1873-1943)
Sonata no. 2 op. 36 (vers. 1931).


But there is a purpose: One of the main objectives of the ARTandCHARITY event is to raise funds for the Dopo di Noi project, developed by   Maybe Tomorrow Soc. Coop. Sociale Onlus , aimed at young women and young men aged 16 to 35. The aim of the Autonomy Training Service is the achievement of possible adulthood, every experience therefore becomes a useful tool to aim towards this goal.

The fundraising of the ARTandCHARITY event therefore represents an important opportunity to contribute to this cause, supporting a project that aims to guarantee the well-being and happiness of many people. Participating in the event or making a donation means making a difference and contributing to building a better, more inclusive and supportive world.

Double-linked to this wonderful concert is the collective art exhibition " The artists tell their stories " which you can visit in the adjacent former farmhouses of Santa Maria and which sees the presence of established artists from different parts of Italy with works of absolute interest. The exhibition will remain open until Sunday 29 October at the following times: morning 10:00/12:30 - 15:00/19:00

Three excellent reasons not to miss it.



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