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Choose the method you prefer to regularize your membership through two secure solutions:

  • Bank transfer - Banca Intesa San Paolo - Iban IT49 M030 6909 6061 0000 0171 916​
  • PayPal - using the button below

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Donations also have a fiscal implication: with the Third Sector Reform, new more advantageous rules are envisaged starting from 1 January 2018 for supporters of non-profit organizations, voluntary organisations, social promotion associations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), social cooperatives.

Choose the method you prefer to make the donation through two secure solutions:

  • Bank transfer - Banca Intesa San Paolo - Iban IT49 M030 6909 6061 0000 0171 916​
  • PayPal - using the button below


It costs you nothing but with your 5×1000 ARTandCHARITY it can do a lot, a lot

​The 5×1000 is a percentage that is deducted from the personal income tax that all taxpayers have to pay.

This means that this contribution costs nothing more than what you normally have to pay to the State, on the contrary, it allows you to choose who to donate part of your taxes to.

Method of destination of 5 per thousand

Donating the 5 per thousand share is very simple. During the tax return, each taxpayer can allocate the 5 per thousand IRPEF quota by signing in the appropriate boxes present in the following forms:

  • UNIQUE: it is presented by holders of business income and self-employment for which the opening of a VAT number is required.
  • 730: it is the model reserved for employees and pensioners, in the case of a not too complex tax return.
  • CU/Single certification: subjects who are not required to submit their tax return can still indicate their choice relating to the 5 per thousand through a special form attached directly to the CU.

It should be remembered that it is possible to allocate one's 5 per thousand to only one beneficiary, indicating the relevant tax code. The tax codes of the entities admitted to the benefit can be consulted in the lists made public by the Revenue Agency.

Enter the Tax Code of our Association in the appropriate box of the Income Tax Return:

CF 92035550125

Donation 5x1000


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