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Mozart, from Molino to Molinelli…? A big success

02/10/2023 18:53


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Mozart, from Molino to Molinelli…? A big success

The second concert of the Rassegna Reviviscenze Musicali was a great success


The second concert of the Rassegna Reviviscenze Musicali which took place on Saturday 30 September in the Church of SS. Pietro e Paolo in Daverio. President Giovanni Tommasi opened the evening by leaving the floor to Don Renato and Silvia Gheza, councilor of the Municipality of Daverio. This was followed by the intervention/testimony of Stefania who expressed her very positive experience regarding the “ After us ” project ( Coop. Soc. Magari Domani Onlus ) in which a family member participates, a project to which we allocate the resources collected during the our events.

This is an important and necessary initiative, which received the approval and support of the public present.

Due thanks to Don Valter and the Municipal Administration for the welcome and the fundamental support in the organization of the event closed the premises for the start of the prestigious concert.

Only thanks to the collaboration between public bodies and associations such as ARTandCHARITY , is it possible to carry out projects of great social value that improve the lives of people and local communities.


After these dutiful thanks, the President then gave word to the music with the soloists Davide Alogna (violin), Anna Serova (viola) and Federico De Conno (guitar) and with the Insubria Chamber Orchestra who offered an extraordinary musical experience during the concert , flawlessly performing pieces of the highest level.

Maestro Giorgio Rodolfo Marini knew how to involve the spectators, transmitting the passion and energy of classical music with his direction. The turnout of the public was very high, demonstrating the interest and appreciation for this type of cultural event characterized by high quality.

The appointment for the next concert, " Roberto Talamona & Friends ", is set at the Sala Piotti in Albizzate for Saturday 14 October at 9.00 pm : another opportunity to appreciate the beauty of music and support the charitable projects of ARTandCHARITY .

In conclusion, the second ARTandCHARITY concert was a great success, thanks to the perfect organization, the musical performances of the highest level and the great participation of the public.

The association continues to promote culture and solidarity in the area, while offering concrete support to those in need through its charitable projects.



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