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ABACO-RE becomes "Azienda Amica" by ARTandCHARITY

01/07/2024 14:46


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ABACO-RE becomes "Azienda Amica" by ARTandCHARITY

We are pleased to announce that ABACO-RE, the Associated Architecture Studio of Reggiori and Vanoni based in Gazzada Schianno (Va), has joined the prestigious


We are pleased to announce that ABACO-RE, the Associated Architecture Studio Reggiori and Vanoni based in Gazzada Schianno (Va), has joined the prestigious program "Friendly Company" of the ARTandCHARITY Association. This membership represents an important step forward in sharing the studio's mission of combining architecture, sustainability, and social responsibility.


ABACO-RE is renowned for its commitment to innovation and quality in the field of architecture, with projects ranging from the redevelopment of historic buildings to the design of modern and functional spaces. The collaboration with ARTandCHARITY reflects the studio's desire to expand its positive impact on the community by supporting initiatives that promote art, culture, and social well-being.

The ARTandCHARITY Association has been engaged for years in promoting cultural and artistic projects that contribute to improving the quality of life, especially for the most vulnerable segments of the population. The "Business Friend" program allows companies to support these initiatives, creating synergies between the business world and the third sector.

Thanks to this new collaboration, ABACO-RE will have the opportunity to actively participate in various projects promoted by ARTandCHARITY, providing its expertise and resources for the organization of events, exhibitions, and workshops that enhance the territory and its cultural resources.

"We are excited to be part of the 'Business Friend' program by ARTandCHARITY", stated architect Renato Reggiori, co-founder of ABACO-RE. "We firmly believe that architecture should not only create beautiful and functional spaces but also contribute to the well-being of the community. This participation allows us to achieve this goal in a concrete and meaningful way."

With ABACO-RE joining the "Business Friend" program, the commitment of both entities is renewed to pursue a future where art, architecture, and solidarity come together to build a fairer and more inclusive society. We look forward to soon seeing the results of this collaboration and sharing with you the upcoming exciting projects.


For further information on the Business Friend program, we invite you to contact us by writing to or by calling +39 3759109010


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