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Now stop! We say it with the power of art

29/11/2023 14:14


Charity, Art show, Cardano al Campo, Alessandra Sonia Romano, Nadio Marenco, John Tomasi, Manuela Codazzi, Basta violenza sulle donne, Daniela Biella, Gregorio Castelli, Eva Cervellino, Giovanni Dalla Rosa, Paul Albert Dari, Adelia De Padova, Bruno Roberto Greco, Silvio Monti, Michela Paradisi, Raffaella Porrini, Laura Pozzi Rinaldi, Anna Prestigiacomo, Riccardo Vignati, Elda Olivieri, Virgilio Rovani, Maurizio Colombo, Meri Suriano, Silvia Caldinelli,

Now stop! We say it with the power of art

"ENOUGH violence against women": these words resonate powerfully in the exhibition which took place from 18 to 26 November 2023 in Cardano al Campo (V


" ENOUGH violence against women ": these words resonate powerfully in the exhibition which took place from 18 to 26 November 2023 in Cardano al Campo (Va). Art becomes a tool for denunciation and reflection on a topic that is unfortunately still current and urgent. The participating artists created works that tell stories of violence, but also of the strength and courage of women. The Mayor Maurizio Colombo and the Councilor for Equal Opportunities, Meri Suriano , enthusiastically wanted the exhibition which represents an important signal against gender violence. Art thus becomes a very powerful weapon to raise awareness and build a more just and equitable society for all.


The participating artists created works ranging from photography, painting and pyrography, all united by the objective of denouncing and raising awareness on the issue of violence against women. The choice of artists, as well as the selection of works, was carefully curated by Manuela Codazzi in order to create an emotional journey that involved the viewer in a direct and intense way.


The exhibition was therefore not only an opportunity to appreciate art, but also to reflect on the current situation and the actions to be taken to put an end to gender violence.
The curator wanted to present the works of artists committed to the fight against gender violence.

Among the participants we find, in addition to Silvio Monti , an important artist from Varese who specially created two works for the occasion, the artists Daniela Biella, Silvia Caldinelli , Gregorio Castelli , Eva Cervellino , Manuela Codazzi , Giovanni Dalla Rosa, Paul Albert Dari, Adelia De Padova , Bruno Roberto Greco , Michela Paradisi, Raffaella Porrini, Laura Pozzi Rinaldi , Anna Prestigiacomo , Virgilio Rovani, Giovanni Tommasi and Vignati Riccardo , artists who have been able to talk about the theme of violence against women in an original and engaging way. The works on display were therefore artistic testimonies of the denunciation of gender violence and of the desire to build a more just and equitable world for all. The key words of the exhibition are women's creativity, commitment, strength and resilience.

Mayor Maurizio Colombo and Councilor Meri Suriano asked us to combine this interesting and touching exhibition with a Musical Reading.
For the occasion we chose artists of international standing such as Alessandra Sonia Romano (Violin of the Shoah), Nadio Marenco (Accordion) and the great actress and voice actress Elda Olivieri who, with the show " La partigiana Fiamma " literally inflamed the audience present in the the welcoming Pertini Room in Cardano al Campo.

Our journey now continues with " ART a DONNER ", an interesting exhibition/market where everyone will be able to purchase a work of art by contemporary artists at absolutely accessible prices.
It will be an excellent opportunity to give your Christmas gifts by helping us complete the " After Us " project.
We are waiting for you at the Galleria Due Punti in via Bizzozero, 7 in Varese from 2 to 10 December.



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