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Christmas concert in Daverio

12/12/2023 17:17


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Christmas concert in Daverio

The "Christmas Concert" will take place on Saturday 16 December at 9pm, the 8th appointment of the Reviviscenze Musicali festival


The " Christmas Concert " will take place on Saturday 16 December at 9pm, the 8th appointment of the Reviviscenze Musicali festival organized by ARTandCHARITY . The event will take place in the Church of SS Pietro e Paolo in Piazza San Pietro in Daverio (Va) at 9.00 pm and will see the La Rocca Choir led by Director Tito Lucchina perform.

However, the real purpose of the evening is to raise funds for the Dopo di Noi project, developed by Magari Domani Soc. Coop. Sociale Onlus , which supports young people aged 16 to 35 in obtaining the autonomy necessary to reach full maturity. This training service aims to create a better future for many individuals, and participation in the event or donation offered represents an act of solidarity and support for this important cause.


In this context, the Christmas Concert is a unique opportunity to enjoy an evening of excellent music and to contribute to the creation of a better and fairer world.
Don't miss the opportunity to attend this event of great sensitivity and significance, which is part of a consolidated and highly prestigious musical festival. Come and support this noble and important cause and treat yourself to an unforgettable evening.

For more information on the event and the project, you can contact the number 3385236490, visit or write to

We thank the companies that made these events possible:
Andrea Sernagiotto Dental Practice - Focaccia Group Automotive - Ideaventuno - Living home project - Estetica Vanna - Union Bus - Galleria Due Punti - Belforte Health Services - ArtistaOnLine .it



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