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Little cells community takes shape with baby artists!

14/03/2024 08:28

Manuela Codazzi

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Little cells community takes shape with baby artists!

It was truly exciting and fun to share the laboratory work of the young artists from the Munari Nursery School in Cardano


It was truly exciting and fun to share the laboratory work of the young artists from the Munari Nursery School in Cardano al Campo (Va).
The project called Formelle finally got underway and after the first preparatory meetings in which the host artist Giulia Bonora explained the content of the " Little Cells Community " project, the young artists were accompanied to approach clay in fun free sessions manipulations of matter.


Each child worked in a completely personal way, some with ease, others more awkward but equally curious to do, there were those who came from distant countries and had difficulty understanding our language but with the universal language of art they did not hesitate to express yourself.

The final objective will be to create tiles (communities of small cells) which, when joined together, will form "a single body" and will be placed in the external area in front of the school building.

In addition to the representatives of the Artandcharity Association, referent of the project, the Mayor of Cardano al Campo, Mr. Maurizio Colombo and the Councilor Meri Suriano were present who strongly wanted and promoted this initiative which will redevelop   the entrances and the area in front of the nursery school through the work of the students themselves.

The Mayor and Councilor also interacted with the little ones at work who appeared particularly curious to see this "winner" with the tricolor sash (as he was identified) speaking to them in a paternal manner.

We are truly proud to be an active part of such a beautiful and significant work, both in terms of its content and the way it is performed.

We have   the honor of having at the head of this laboratory a good artist and prestigious ceramist, Giulia Bonora (currently exhibiting at the historic   Ghiggini Gallery of Varese) who has no shortage of qualifications and personal abilities in the field of art and in knowing how to involve very skilfully   all interested children.

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