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At the Vittoriale degli Italiani? We have been there!

08/04/2024 16:04

Manuela Codazzi

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At the Vittoriale degli Italiani? We have been there!

The emotion that floods this place built in Gardone Riviera in 1921 so varied and extensive


The emotion that floods this place built in Gardone Riviera in 1921 so diverse and extensive (villa, amphitheater, park, museums, watercourses...) touches anyone who "dares" to experience it! 
It wasn't the first time I crossed the threshold of the Vittoriale, but even though I knew it quite well, the amazement and pleasure of immersing myself entirely in that particular character/artist who strongly wanted and created it in his image are always so vivid. 
Facing the great artist that Gabriele D’Annunzio was, it is not necessary to share his thoughts or his lifestyle, but it is right to recognize his greatness and respect him for what he was. Just as it should happen for every great character, it is right to gather the value and the trace he left in the history of humanity.  


In this place where he intensely lived the last seventeen years of his tumultuous life (1921-1938), he surrounded himself with a context that, through architecture, objects, books, sculptures, and every other kind of detail, even the most mundane everyday accessories, expressed his incisive personality as a man, artist, poet, soldier, and vain lover.

He even became a designer of his own personal clothing as well as those of his numerous beloved women, but not only that, he even created a feminine perfume (Aqua Nuntia) which he reserved for his favorites.

In short, one could say he is a legend!
I feel sorry for those who are still so biased towards D'Annunzio today that they would even wrinkle their noses at the personal explicit invitation to view this work of art (because that's how I would define the whole set).
I say this with reason as I have personally heard eloquent responses expressing unjustified prejudice and a clear refusal to view it.
It remains a fact that about 180,000 people visit this place every year, which is significant beyond any other comment.
I thank everyone who has trusted our association ARTandCHARITY by sharing this beautiful experience that has offered us all great emotions and a deeper knowledge of the great figures of our past.

A final thanks is due to the talented and friendly Chiara Bertoldi, a guide who, with great professionalism, led us to discover this charming place.
We are already planning the next opportunity for a meeting, entertainment, and knowledge.
See you soon!


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