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…and the Artists will continue to tell their stories

31/10/2023 15:01


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…and the Artists will continue to tell their stories

The art exhibition "The Artists tell their stories" concluded successfully at the former Farmhouses of the Church of Santa Maria Annunciata in Brunell


The art exhibition "The Artists tell their stories" concluded successfully at the former Farmhouses of the Church of Santa Maria Annunciata in Brunello. The art exhibition " The Artists tell their stories " organized by our Association to support the project “ DOPO DI NOI ” Self-government training service in collaboration with Magari Domani Soc. Coop. Sociale Onlus of Gazzada Schianno (Va), aimed at young women and young men aged 16 to 35, ended with great success among participants and the public at the former Farmhouses of the Church of Santa Maria Annunciata in Brunello. The works of 13 artists were exhibited and were able to excite and involve the public present.


Chiara Bazzocchi, Daniela Biella, Manuela Codazzi , Adelia de Padova , Dalla Rosa Giovanni, Jimi Gazzosa, Bruno Greco , Enrico Milesi , Carolina Pelosi, Paolo Repetto, Virgilio Rovani, Giovanni Tommasi and Riccardo Vignati have exhibited .

The atmosphere of this exhibition was truly special: the human warmth of the visitors, the commitment of the artists and last but not least this place rich in history and soul created a contagious energy.

Visitors had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the artists' creative universe, listening to their stories, learning about their thoughts and performance techniques. The exhibition was a success because it demonstrated how art can bring people of all social strata together, dragging them into a whirlwind of emotions between colours, lines, words and the magic of the place.

The art exhibition " The Artists Tell Their Story " would not have been possible without the precious support, as well as of the artists, of Don Gianni (Parish Priest and tireless custodian of a place as precious as it is unique of which he was a great architect for the renovation) , of the Pro Loco of Gazzada Schianno and in particular of Flavio Caravati . Thanks to them, the exhibition was able to be created and spread the pleasure of beauty and reflection to many visitors.

This collaboration is fundamental because it demonstrates how unity is strength: together we are capable of achieving great things and overcoming any obstacle. We are grateful to these amazing friends who have allowed us to bring art into the lives of so many people. Thank you again for all your important commitment and support!

Don't miss the next artistic event in Cardano al Campo : the themed art exhibition

" ENOUGH violence against women ", from 18 to 26 November

  (entrance to the “bread room” in Piazza S. Anastasio) curator Manuela Codazzi .

Art can play an important role in the fight against gender violence, raising awareness and giving a voice to victims.

This exhibition will be a strong and clear message that launches a challenge to the entire society: we must do more to prevent and combat violence against women. We are sure that this time too art will be able to involve and move the audience present, creating a moment of reflection and sharing.

Don't miss the appointment!



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